Zizwe Allette aka “Dr. Z”

HEBCAC Eastside YO! Center GED Instructor, Photographer, In All Ways Human, Community Partner, Participant, and Portrait Photographer

Zizwe Allette (Mr. Z) was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1974, the first child of Caribbean immigrants. He attended grade school in Baltimore, Maryland, and completed a degree in History at Morgan State University. His initial experiences with photography were at the instruction of his father, a former photojournalist.

As a GED instructor for over 20 years at the HEBCAC Eastside Youth Opportunity Center in East Baltimore and a part-time student of international studies at Johns Hopkins University, Zizwe became increasingly interested in photography as a means of capturing important moments in his family life and in the lives and stories of his students and fellow Baltimoreans.

Through chance encounters and social media, demand for Zizwe’s professional photography increased dramatically, allowing him to grow a successful small business.